Our company was started in Toronto, Canada where we have been erecting steel and doing construction for the last 40 years.  Our projects include many of the large stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and shopping malls.

Barry Belford, operating as Sugars and Ocean Steel Ltd., has been erecting, fabricating, and supplying steel for projects in St. Kitts since 1983.  His first project here was the construction of the Deep Water Port in Basseterre.

Subsequent projects on island include fabricating, supplying, and erecting the steel for the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Hotel.


sugar's construction of the St. Kitts Marriott resort

Sugars/Ocean Steel has erected numerous buildings and large projects in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis including;

The Power Plant located in Needsmust.

sugars construction of the Needsmust power plant

The windmills used for power generation in Nevis.

Nevis windmills constructed by Sugars/Ocean Steel

Erecting the power generation windmills in Nevis

Erecting the windmills in Nevis

Our three story building near the airport.

sugars Building in NeedsmustConstruction of steel in Sigar's/ Ocean Steel building located in Needsmust, St. Kitts



Numerous houses and apartment buildings.

Sugars apartment building in West Farm

sugars Frigate Bay apartments

sugars residential housing construction

Construction of our apartment building in West Farm, St. Kitts

We have also increased the number of services we offer.  Services now include;

  • Boom Truck Rental
  • Roofing
  • Custom Guttering
  • Welding

Have a job in mind?  Give us a call at 466-5050, and speak to Barry, Caroline, or Mike to get an estimate on your job.


luxury apartment rental Sugars has many 1-2 bedroom luxury apartments available. Call us at 466-5050 or visit our sister site stkittsapartments.net



gutter makers Gutter Makers, a subsidiary of Ocean Steel, is a well-established company in St. Kitts. We specialize in Seamless Rain Gutter manufacture and custom installation. We are dedicated to bringing you quality service and top quality products. Find out more...


boom truck rentalOcNeed help with getting steel up on a roof, moving a shipping container, or getting a large object from one site to another? Check out our boom truck rental!